Bee on California Buckwheat

Image captured by Kaitelyn Hammond

Bee on Buckwheats Image by Kaitelyn Sera for use on & 

Pictured above is wild buckwheat, known as California buckwheat. It is a variation of Eriogonum fasciculatum, named by its leaf shape in a fascicle or a bundle of leaves. This subspecies is one of the important pollinator plants of the foothills in costal areas of Southwestern U.S. and Northwestern Mexico.

From USDA, “The ethnobotanic Uses: The Cahuilla drank leaf tea for headache and stomach pain. Hot root tea drunk for colds and laryngitis. Root poultice was applied to wounds. A tea of dried flowers or dried roots was taken to prevent heart problems. Studies have identified leucoanthocyanidins beneficial to the heart in other Eriogonum species.”

This herbs mild astringency makes it useful as a gargle for sore throats under any conditions.  The tea was also used for premenstrual water retention and the fluid retention that often occurs in the last month or two of pregnancy.  (qtd from here per Moore, Medicinal Plants of the Desert and Canyon West 19).”